Location Competition & Demographic Study

Competition Ratios and Demographics Deep Dive for a specific location or address.

Step #4 in the Location Search Process. 

Location Competition and Demographics Study provides a Demographics Deep Dive and Competition Ratios for all practice types for a specific location.

Four sets of radius and drive time data are displayed combining data for all census block groups in the search area, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.

Optional user-drawn search areas and custom filtering available. Includes free Next Steps Call with your specialist for review and implementation.

2-3 business day turnaround time.

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  • Results Based on Census Block Groups
  • Tailored to Practice Specialty
  • Multiple Report Area Parameter Options*
  • 19 Demographic Factors
  • Current-Year Demographics
  • Forecasted Demographics
  • Total Practitioners for all Types
  • Competition Ratios for all Types
  • REALratio Comparison
  • Map of Report Area
  • Map of Report Area Radius (Miles)
  • Map of Report Area Drive Time or Custom Parameters
  • Results in Dual Format
  • Add 2nd Practice Type to Results*
  • Expedited Delivery Time*
  • Free Next-Steps Call

*Premium feature, upcharge may apply.


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Upcharges may apply for custom filtering features. 

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Parameter Definitions:

Practitioner Type: Every specialty has unique location strategy needs. All reports are tailored specifically to your practice specialty. Competition data and ratios on all practice types in the area are included, as well.

Which best describes your situation? Are you a Start-Up or an Established practice? Buying or selling? Let us know, this helps us help you. All in strict confidence.

Base Location Address: The fixed address or location that is the starting point for your report.

Describe Your Base Location: Select urban, suburban, or rural.

Report Area Radius (Miles): Mile Radius measurements are used to evaluate the market close to the Base Location. For example, an urban report might use a 1-mile radius, a suburban report 3 miles, a rural report might use 10 miles. Please contact a specialist if you are unsure of the best mile radius for your situation.

Report Area Drive Time - Choose Your Method: Used to evaluate the market close to the Base Location defined as how far a prospective new patient would drive to your practice if they saw your advertisement. Please contact a specialist if you are unsure of the best mile radius for your situation.

1. Report Area Drive Time (Minutes): The travel time a new patient would be willing to drive to your practice. Please contact a specialist if you are unsure of the best drive time for your situation.

2. Provide a Report Area Map: Email your custom report area map along with your order number to your specialist at upload@realscore.com.

3. Provide Report Area Instructions: Let your Specialist create a custom area based on your instructions. This may account for boundaries such as rivers, highways, other man-made barriers, etc.

Add a Second Practice Type: If you want to evaluate a multi-specialty practice, include a 2nd practice type in your results to see data for both at the same time. Data on the number of all practice types in the area are included as well.

Expedited Delivery Time: Expedited turnaround is available, please contact your Specialist to make arrangements. Normal delivery is within 2-3 business days.

Download free sample reports

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Demographics is so huge when deciding on a practice location – dentists should absolutely take advantage of this service when planning out a new location or deciding to expand into a new area.”

– Dr. Howard Farran, DDS, MBA, Dentaltown

frequently asked questions

What is Location Strategy?

Location Strategy is the #1 factor that determines the success of a practice at every stage of the practice lifecycle. It affects Strategic and Operational Plans and drives all investment, marketing, and personnel decisions. 

There are many factors that Realscore considers within Location Strategy, including competition ratios and market saturation, demographics, Strategic Moves, future growth potential, and much more. Be confident in your practice location and create a lasting legacy.

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What is Census Block Group Technology?

A Census Block Group (CBG) is a geographical unit used by the United States Census Bureau. It is the smallest geographical unit for which demographic data is published. Each CBG includes a population of only 600 – 3,000 people to reflect neighborhoods, natural areas, and geographical boundaries.

Realscore uses each Census Block Group (including partial CBGs) in your Search Area to calculate the competition and demographic data to bring you the most relevant and precise results. 

See how Census Block Group Technology compares to Zip Codes and Concentric Circle. (Hint: There is no comparison.) 

What is the realscore app?

Realscore offers access to top Location Strategy tools that were previously only available to large corporations. Realscore’s App is a proprietary online system that includes the following:

  • Demographic & Business Data – Current and Five Year Forecast
  • National Practitioner Database
  • Census Block Group Technology
  • Mapping and Drive Time Integration
  • Competition Ratios analysis with REALratios
  • User Drawn/Custom Search Areas Tool
  • Non-Compete, Non-Licensed Data Exclusion Tool
  • Practitioner/Practice/Location Management Tool

What demographic factors are included?

We obtain demographic data from a top 3rd party Demographic company that takes the raw census information, annual updates, and forecasts then package it into a format that companies can utilize. It is the same data used by everyone in the USA.

Current and five-year forecasted demographic data includes:

  • Total Population
  • Population by Age Range
  • Population Change by Age Range
  • Average Per Capita Income
  • Average Household Income
  • Households by Income Brackets
  • Households Change by Income Brackets
  • Average Household Size
  • Total Households
  • Total Families
  • Average Family Size
  • Housing Units Breakdown
  • Total Housing Units Change
  • Average Value of Owner-Occupied Units
  • Population by Ethnicity
  • Total Number of Businesses
  • Total Number of Employees
  • Total Sales
  • Retail Data

Are practitioners within a search area validated?

Yes. We utilize the best national practitioner database possible, as well as validating the existence of practitioners using various manual and internet tools to materially ensure the accuracy of competition ratios for all practitioner types.

What is a “Pocket?”

A "Pocket" is an area derived in a Market Opportunity Search that indicates a potential market for a practice. It is normally made up of a small number of full or partial Census Block Groups. The goal is to find pockets where the competition ratios are high and include Average Household Income greater than a threshold derived from your ideal target patient.


What Reports Do I Need?

Every practitioner’s situation and goals are different. Therefore, the report recommendations will vary. In general, we recommend the following process: 

  1. C-Series: Find a new region or city for a new practice.
  2. M-Series: Find new markets (or Pockets) with the best competition ratios and desired patient household income. Don’t pay for demographics before finding the best competition ratios.
  3. L-Series: After finding the best Pockets, get competition ratios for all practice types, and current and forecasted demographics for a specific location or address.

 We’ve compiled an extensive recommendation list based on practice lifecycle and business goals. 

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Do you offer free sample reports?

What is the turnaround time?

All reports are PDFs that are emailed to you. Delivery time varies per product based on the complexity of the order, the density of the report location, the inclusion of premium services, and many other factors. We strive to deliver reports before the following approximate turnaround times:

L-Series: 2-3 Business Days

M-Series: 7-10 Business Days

C-Series: Teams/Zoom consulting sessions usually occur within 3-5 business days but varies based on the availability of participants.

Expedited delivery is available. Please consult with your Specialist to make arrangements.

What is the return policy?

All reports are a snapshot in time. Therefore, due to the digital nature of the reports and that the data changes frequently, returns and refunds are unavailable. However, our policy is to provide unmatched customer satisfaction. If something isn’t right, please contact us right away. Unfortunately, we have no control over the data results, so dissatisfaction with the results is out of our control.

Are reports and discussions confidential?

Yes. We understand that confidentiality is of the utmost importance and we will never disclose any discussions, conclusions, or reports to anyone without your permission.

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